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Implicit Bias

The Pequot Museum strives to provide contemporary and vital research about the lived, real experiences of indigenous people in American society. 

Understanding Implicit Bias: The Implicit Bias exhibit offers opportunities to attend to bias and other forms of discrimination, as well as to explore recent debates in the realm of implicit bias research. The exhibit opens to the public at an opportune time — a moment when the nation as a whole is wrestling with the persistent challenge of race, class, and gender relations as well as with the changing nature of prejudice and discrimination. The exhibit will offer visitors an experience that is surprising, stimulating and illuminating — one they won’t soon forget. This exhibit features groundbreaking research and through provoking interactives.   

Understanding Implicit Bias gives visitors a foundational understanding of how societally pervasive biases have tangible outcomes in the lives of all people- including Native people as they work to maintain and create culture in the 21st century.  Join us for this important look into our society and ourselves. 


Understanding Implicit Bias was created by the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and is made possible as an exhibit to the Pequot Museum by the generosity of the University of Connecticut Thomas J. Dodd Center, University of Connecticut - The Office for Diversity and Inclusion, and University of Connecticut - Neag School of Education.  

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