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Pequot Cafe

 Serving Hours: Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. 


Menu: Click here to explore the menu


Only have time for quick stop? No problem as there is never a charge to access the restaurant! Pop by for lunch or take your time and graze the day away.

We are so very excited, proud and humbled of this review of the Pequot Cafe by folks at The Day newspaper. 

The Pequot Café offers a seasonal menu including traditional and contemporary Native American selections and is located atop a balcony overlooking an ancient cedar forest through our breathtaking, glass-enclosed Gathering Space.

While we offer many traditional New England foods, we love to invite guests to challenge their palate and try popular Native specialties such as venison stew and blueberry slump. Our menus are carefully crafted to reflect the flavors of each season following the rhythms of traditional eastern woodland foodways.