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Take your group or class on an immersive, eye-opening journey through time to explore history and today's vibrant Native American cultures. The Pequot Museum’s award-winning, interactive, multi-media environment stimulates the senses, captures the imagination, and stirs the spirit!


Group rates are available for groups of 10 or more people with advance reservations. We'll work with you to customize your visit. Options include self-touring, guided tours, enrichment programs, express lunch, and expert speaker presentations.

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General Information:

  • For reservations call (860) 396-6839 or email
  • Rates
  • Accessible facility
  • Café and gift shop on site
  • Ample free parking
  • Please note: 
    • All members of your group must arrive at the same time.;
    • One lump sum payment is required on arrival or in advance of your visit (guests cannot pay individually).
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    Self-Tour for groups that prefer independent exploration.

    Guided Tours, approximately 1 hour in duration, include the following:

    Exhibit Highlights
    This tour of the permanent exhibits provides an overview of the Pequot experience, from 18,000 years ago up to the present day, pointing out the important connection of the land, the people, community, and family.

    Through the Eyes of a Pequot Child
    Imaginations soar with the sights and sounds of a 16th century Pequot Village. This tour promotes understanding of Pequot life before European contact and demonstrates the importance of family and community.

    Gifts of the Land & Waters
    Discover why Native people have great respect for the natural world and why resources are valued as gifts. Stone, bone, shell, and wood were appreciated because they could be transformed into useful objects. Explore the seasonal dioramas and learn how each season brings different gifts.

    Life on the Reservation
    Learn about the harsh impact of reservation life and the conflicting elements of social, political, and economic change that reshaped the Pequot world. Younger groups learn about the Pequot ancestors and the difficult decisions they had to make to survive. Hear the stories of Sachem Robin Cassacinamon and Hannah Occuish.

    Enrichment Programs
    Enrichment Programs

    Enrichment programs, from 1-2 hours in duration, include the following:

    Witness to a Genocide: A Social Justice Approach
    By taking a detailed look at the 1637 massacre of the Pequot village and the ensuing centuries of oppression faced by the Pequot people, groups examine how their personal actions can carry serious consequences. The film The Witness is part of the program. Recommended for ages 13-adult.

    Life without a Supermarket: a 16th C. Native Coastal Community
    Discover how Pequots lived without malls and shopping centers. Learn how Native people constructed dug-out canoes, built housing, enhanced personal appearance, and prepared food. This hands-on experience gives participants a better understanding of how Native people transformed natural resources into useful items. Recommended for ages 8-12.

    Archaeology’s Window to the Past: Interpreting Refuse Pits, Can You Dig It?
    Do you know why archaeology is sometimes called our window to the past? Participants discover the answer in this hands-on program by working with simulated refuse heaps from 3 different time periods in Pequot history. The task is to identify and interpret artifacts from each time period. Recommended for ages 9-adult.


    Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
    scout workshops

    We are working with Boy Scout and Girl Scout programming leaders to develop exciting new programs for Scouts. Stay tuned!


    Scout Days at the Pequot Museum and Merit Badge Programs are coming soon!


    Learn more by calling (860) 396-6839 or email