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Iroquois Lacrosse Experience Two-Day Workshop   August 17 & 18

LIMITED AVAILABILITY so register early! The Pequot Museum will host an unforgettable Lacrosse Experience facilitated and taught by renowned Haudenosauneee cultural educators and life-long Lacrosse players Kevin Sandy (Cayuga) and Christina Bomberry (Mohawk). For all the details and to register click here.

Understanding Implicit Bias Exhibit  April 12 - Sept 1

The Understanding Implicit Bias exhibit offers opportunities to learn about bias and other forms of discrimination, as well as to explore recent debates in the realm of implicit bias research. The exhibit opens to the public at an opportune time — a moment when the nation as a whole is wrestling with the persistent challenge of race, class, and gender relations as well as with the changing nature of prejudice and discrimination. This exhibit features groundbreaking research and through provoking interactives.

 Contemporary Art Exhibit March 29 - November 2

A curated contemporary art exhibition entitled Without a Theme. An immersive display showcases approximately 20 vibrant, large-format installations from seven premier North American artists. The exhibition will be housed in the Mashantucket Gallery until Nov. 2 and is included in general museum admission. For details please visit our Events Page or on our press release

Artists-in-Residence: Calling Native artists

The Pequot Museum is now offering studio work space to Native artists free of charge on a first come, first serve basis. As an Artist-in-Residence, you can demonstrate your process to visitors, show your work, and help us design a retail option for selling your work. Download a space request form.

For more information contact: Deb Jones @ DJones@pequotmuseum.org