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Native New Year Clambake at the Pequot Museum


The traditional clambake holds important spiritual and cultural meaning for Native people and to celebrate the 2018 season, our Chef Sherry Pocknett and Traditional Bakemaster Vernon Pocknett will be serving an eastern woodland clambake prepared in the Native tradition of using hot stones and rockweed to steam lobster, fish, steamers, linguica, hot dog, corn on the cob, white potato, sweet potato, onion and brown bread (yes, the brown bread is cooked on the stones encased in a metal can.) But we are not finished, because the clambake needs clams and we have locally sourced quahogs that will be transformed into our own homemade clam chowder and to complete the meal will be a juicy slice of fresh watermelon!  A single clambake will include one of each of the items mentioned above. For those of you with children, this is an abundance of food and two little ones can easily share one clambake.  

Learn the process and technique involved in creating a clambake. How to select and arrange the stones that will create the "rockweed oven", the purpose and importance of the rockweed, and the art of placing food on the stones so that it all cooks evenly.   

Traditional singing and exhibition dancing are also part of the celebration.   

11:00 am ● entertainment starts  

1:00 pm ● clambake is served   


Museum Member Pricing: $75 per person

Non-Museum Member Pricing: $85 per person 

Tickets are limited to 200. This event will take place rain or shine and there is a no refund policy.  

*one ticket purchases one clambake which includes one of each of the following items: 

  • cup of clam chowder
  • lobster
  • fish
  • steamers
  • linguica
  • hot dog
  • corn on the cob
  • white potato
  • sweet potato
  • onion
  • brown bread
  • watermelon