What do you imagine the future to look like?

At this moment when the nation is wrestling with the persistent challenge of race, class, and gender relations, how do you choose to have an impact? At the Pequot Museum we envision a future of inclusion and meaningful conversation about our differences. We strive to provide contemporary and vital research about the lives, real experiences of indigenous people in American society. From this platform we teach tolerance, we embrace diversity and we advance justice.

Help us GROW OUR IMPACT and give to the Pequot Museum.

Meesumôk Neetôp (Giving Friend)

Sponsor & Donate Initiative


The Meesumôk Neetôp initiative will promote community building by bringing together community members for collective action by providing services and creating social support by acquiring funds and donations that goes directly to projects that support the sustainability of programs and the mission of the Mashantucket Pequot Museum.


The Meesumôk Neetôp initiative envisions the realization of interdependence through bringing communities together in the spirit of helping and learning from one another.

Giving Friend Support

Community support and donations are a powerful commitment that supports our efforts to share the Pequot Story and its significance in America’s history with the world. As an ongoing Meesumôk Neetôp, your contributions along with our community partner fund-raising efforts will support the Mashantucket Pequot Museum to be able to continue to bring hidden histories to light, and through educational and outreach programs reach thousands of students and visitors from our own local communities, as well as from around the world.

Your support will establish the MPMRC as the foremost Cultural Learning Center of Northeastern Woodland history, traditions and culture.

Who Will Benefit

  • Our Tribal family and Friends
  • Aboriginal Communities & Cultural Centers across Indian Country
  • Educators
  • Early Childhood & K-12 students
  • College/Universities
  • Arts & Cultural Institutions
  • Visitors from around the world

You can also make a gift at the Welcome Desk the next time you visit, or call the Development team at 860.396.7077 if you would like to make a gift by phone. Additionally, you can mail your check to:

Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center
Attn: Development
110 Pequot Trail, P.O. Box 3180
Mashantucket, CT 06338–3180

YOUR GIFT IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE! The Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center is a non–profit organization classified by Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 7871 status. Therefore, your donation is recognized by the IRS as tax deductible to the extent of the law, as no goods or services will be provided in exchange for your donation. If you have any questions, please contact the Development team at 860.396.7077 or