Chuhkâshâkoowuhtuq “Fleshy Hawthorn”

This can be eaten fresh and have very fleshy fruits. Hawthorn seeds have been found in multiple archaeological sites here on the reservation.


Fruit: raw or cooked Excellent for making jellies, it can also be dried for later use. A small fruit with a sweet, juicy and pulpy flesh


The fruits and flowers have a hypotensive effect as well as acting as a direct and mild heart tonic They are especially indicated in the treatment of weak heart combined with high blood pressure.

Oak has many traditional and post-colonial contact uses. During the farmstead era of the 1700-1800s, oak was used for house framing and tool handles where other aspects like acorn foraging has continued since pre contact.
This type of structure has been identified at several Pequot farmsteads on the reservation. The stone foundation was covered with logs and earth creating a cool underground cellar for food storage in the hot summer months.