Weekanseepuhtuq “Sugar Maple”

Sugar Maple has been tapped by native people for hundreds of years. Traditionally the sap would have been boiled to syrup then processed into maple sugar. This sugar was used as a medicine and sweeteboil down the sap to create maple syrup and maple sugar. These sweeteners were used for culinary purposes, as well as for trade with other tribes.


Nutrient-Rich Maple Sugar:

Maple sugar contains essential minerals, including phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. Native Americans recognized its nutritional value and incorporated it into their diets.


Medicinal Applications:

Maple syrup was not only a sweet treat but also had medicinal properties. It was used to cure meats, acting as a natural preservative. Additionally, it served as a sweetener for bitter medicines and was even used as an anesthetic.

Many native and colonial medicinal plants prefer to grow in open fields. Plants like plantain, mullein, cow-vein, dandelion and clover have many uses.
Black and white ash are sacred to S.N.E.A. people. this is the tree that would be pounded into splint for basket. These and pine trees are linguistically the only trees considered animate.